OSC maintains the following membership levels based on length of membership in the organization (or time following a Druid path for those who have previous background, experience, and affiliations).

Initiate -- Member for less than a year and a day.

Apprentice -- Member for 1-3 years with general training and/or self-study in the traditions of Druidry (this level is listed as "General Member" in the 2015 OSC Membership Manual). 

Bard -- Member for 4-6 years with advanced training and/or self-study related to Celtic mythology, legends, stories, and poems; and the Ogham alphabet. 

Ovate -- Member for 7-9 years with advanced training and/or self-study related to divination, tree lore, herbalism, healing, and communication with the Gods, nature spirits, ancestors, and Ascended Druid Masters.  

Druid -- Member for 10-12 years; they may continue their training and/or self-study, but at this level the student becomes the teacher. The Druid is encouraged to teach and/or produce creative works. 

Arch-Druid -- Member for 13 plus years, they may yet continue their training and/or self-study and may continue teaching and producing creative works.  At this level, members are expected to have achieved intimate knowledge of the Order, Druidry, and other traditions within our Order. The primary role of Arch-Druids is to be advisors to their chapters and to the Order of the Stone Circle at large.