OSC's structure and hierarchy can be likened to a tree. We are all parts of the same tree and are all necessary for the function of the Order.

The Roots of the Tree are the High Council, now known as OSC Chapter #1.

The Trunk of the Tree is made up of the leaders of individual chapters by whatever titles they choose to call themselves.

The Branches of the Tree are our individual chapters and the paths they follow whether old, new, or some combination thereof.

The Leaves of the Tree are our chapter members.

The Circle surrounding the Tree are our astral and cyber members. While they may not be connected through physical chapters, they surround us and form the outer circle of our Druid Brotherhood and Sisterhood.

The Earth in which the Tree grows represents the Ascended Druidic Masters. From them we gain wisdom, inspiration, and nourishment which comes up through the roots, into the trunk, through the branches, to the leaves, and into the circle of atmosphere surrounding the tree.

May OSC grow as large, old, and wise as the mighty oak.Celtic Tree