Below are some of the perks and benefits of becoming an OSC member:

  • A membership card.  Yes! You can become a card carrying Druid! Membership cards will be printed annually after November 1 each year.  Your membership card will include your name, craft name, membership level, and degree level within OSC. Note: Initial membership cards for new members will be printed biannually both in the summer and with the annual batch depending on when you signed up for membership.
  • Addition to our official member roster and email list.  Be sure to join our Facebook Group too!  We don't plan to inundate your e-mail box with a whole lot, but we might send occasional reminders and updates.
  • Affiliation with the Order of the Stone Circle.
  • Authority to start a chapter / grove of OSC, if you like.  There are additional guidelines and dues for chapters.
  • Access to a self-initiation rite into OSC.
  • Access to the OSC Druidology 101 Course.  This is currently a text course, but we hope to adapt it to other formats in the future.
  • Access to OSC degrees through a customizable self-study program.  The programs includes a self-study checklist so you can track your progress.
  • Ability to increase levels and standing in OSC through long-term membership.
  • Access to the private "member area" of the OSC website.  This area contains our member manual, study materials, rituals, and other resources.
  • Access to OSC rituals.  These include solstice and equinox rituals, member rituals, and so on.
  • Opportunity to become leaders in the organization.  The advantage of being a smaller organization is that there are more opportunities to become leaders within OSC. 
  • Low membership and chapter costs.

In the future (with greater membership and participation), we also hope to offer:

  • An annual newsletter.
  • An annual camp out or other annual event to bring members and chapters together.

Below are some perks and benefits of starting an OSC Chapter / Grove:

  • All of the membership perks and benefits listed above, plus....
  • A chapter charter.
  • Ability to create your own unique and customizable chapter of OSC.  Additional guidelines apply.
  • Authority to initiate members and confer degrees within OSC guidelines.

Sign-up for OSC Membership on the Member and Chapter Dues page.