OSC Chapter One, formerly known as the OSC High Council and OSC National, is the guiding council and governing board for the Order. OSC Chapter One consists of up to five established Arch Druids of the Order. Each member of Chapter One will take on one of these titles: Arch Druid of Earth, Arch Druid of Air, Arch Druid of Fire, Arch Druid of Water, and Arch Druid of Spirit. Current Arch Druids and their contacts are listed in the member area of the main Order of the Stone Circle website.

If there are vacancies, any interested member of Druid or Arch Druid status in the Order may apply to become a member of OSC Chapter One by contacting OSC Chapter One directly.

It is up to the members of Chapter One to determine roles, responsibilities, organization, criteria for choosing and retaining Chapter One members, and for performing other internal functions.

The main duties of OSC Chapter One are:

  1. To guide and govern the overall tone and direction of the Order of the Stone Circle and its affiliated chapters and members.
  2. To maintain the main Order of the Circle website including a private member library where proprietary information and resources will be kept.
  3. To maintain an online membership / discussion group or bulletin board where OSC members and chapters may connect and network with each other. This is currently a Facebook Group.
  4. To maintain a member driven online newsletter and/or blog where OSC members can regularly submit news and other relevant information including rituals, creative works, and scholarly articles and research.  The newsletter is currently on hold.  We need folks interested in writing articles to make this a reality.
  5. To confer individual memberships and chapter charters as tokens of affiliation within the Order of the Stone Circle.
  6. To keep up-to-date lists of current chapters and members.
  7. To create and convey an official series of lessons and degrees within the Order for those who wish to partake in them.
  8. To fairly and judiciously resolve disputes between chapters and members that are escalated beyond the resolve of individual chapters.
  9. To plan and carry out one yearly meeting where all chapters and members are invited to attend. Ideally, this will take place as a weekend camp meeting or conference during the summer or early fall.