About Us

The Order of the Stone Circle Norfolk Brotherhood is an initiatory men's fraternal / revivalist Druid organization located in Norfolk, Virginia. Originally founded in 2001, we went on hiatus in 2007.  Currently, we are in the process of reforming and currently most of our events are relatively informal. As with many fraternal / revivalist druid organizations our focus is on the later Arthurian aspects of Druidry, including the Druid / Wizard Merlyn. Our chapter has adopted the wolf as our totem and will also study shape-shifting in Celtic mythology.

Our main goals and functions at this time are hosting monthly socials and workshops, celebrating the solar holy days (equinoxes and solstices), and holding an annual men's retreat each year in the early spring.

Fraternal / revivalist druids base their druidic practices on the information developed at the time of Druid revival in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The original Druid revival began in 1781 with the formation of the Ancient Order of Druids. This early Druidry was generally followed by wealthy gentlemen, scholars, and an educated elite with a liberal Christian outlook. Current fraternal and revivalist druid orders may include open-minded Christians as well as Pagans who are drawn to Druid symbology. Revivalist orders consider druidry to be a philosophy that can be blended with other faiths, if the practitioner wishes. Rituals tend to focus on the four solstices and equinoxes and sometimes other important festivals. Some revivalist Orders have very elaborate rites, while others are simpler. Many rituals are performed within cast circles including the calling of the classical four directions of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. The inclusion of the classical concepts of elements is something that probably derives from ideas of alchemy which in turn draws on Platonic ideas.

The Order of the Stone Circle is a fraternal revivalist Druid order with its roots in the revivalist Druid orders and traditions of the 18th century and later.  Our traditions come out of fraternal Druid orders such as the Ancient Order of Druids and United Ancient Order of Druids. Usually these groups were not strict reconstructionists, but instead used loose Druid symbology to explore life’s mysteries. Often these have been formed as mystery schools or mystical orders in the manner of the Masons, Order of the Golden Dawn, and other similar orders.

Currently OSC Norfolk is acting more in the capacity as a planning board for local Pagan and Druid men's events including monthly Pagan men's events, quarterly rituals celebrating and honoring the solstices and equinoxes, and hosting an annual Men's Retreat in the Spring of each year. We may host other workshops, classes, and socials throughout the year depending on interest and participation.


Membership in the Order of the Stone Circle Norfolk Brotherhood

The Order of the Stone Circle Norfolk Brotherhood is chartered as a Men's Fraternal Druid Brotherhood.  We're open to men who are drawn to Druidry and Druid symbology regardless of their path, background, or orientation. 

Technically, we are an initiatory order though right now things are relatively informal. And we are acting more in the capacity of a planning board for local Pagan and Druid men's events, rituals, and an annual men's retreat.

If you are interested in being on the planning board or if you are interested in becoming more involved with the fraternal or Druidic aspects of our Order, please feel free to join our Facebook group and attend our events.

If there is enough interest we'd be happy to help form an OSC Sisterhood in the local community. For those more interested in either a coed group or in a reconstructionist Druid organization, we recommend the Three Branch River Protogrove of ADF which formed in Hampton Roads in 2015.

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