There will be a limited number of parking spaces at the cabin itself. Overflow parking will be in the main parking lots near the Information Center and picnic areas. We will leave a list of those pre-registered for parking passes with the staff at the main entrance. Your parking pass will have your name on it. If you did not pre-register, you are responsible for your own parking pass at the gate.

Cell phone and computer policy

We ask that cell phones, computers, and other such devices be turned off for the entirety of the day and evening on Saturday (and during any rituals and programming on other days) as they distract from the programming and atmosphere. If you absolutely must stay connected, please keep your devices on silent or vibrate and take or make any calls or texts you need to far away from the cabin and other guests. There will be one designated staff cell phone that will remain on (but silent) throughout the day so incoming guests can call to locate us. The staff cell phone will also be on in case of emergency.

There is no WiFi service at the cabins or campsites. There is WiFi service, for those who need it, at the main information center.


Photography will be allowed during the event and a staff photographer may be taking pictures for promoting future events. If you wish to take photos, please ensure that those persons in the photos do not mind being photographed. As with the cell phone and computer policy, please keep photography during the retreat as unobtrusive as possible.

Weapons / Bladed Ritual Tools

Please do not bring any weapons with you. This includes bladed ritual tools, swords, daggers, athames, etc. Staffs and walking sticks are okay.


You may bring or partake of alcohol so long as you are over the age of 21, and so long as you do not get out of hand. Individuals who become a problem will be asked to leave.

Nudity / Ritual Garb

As the retreat will take place at a public park, nudity is not allowed outside the cabin. We will attempt to accommodate those wishing to experience the weekend skyclad within the confines of the cabin. You may bring and wear your ritual garb at your own discretion. As already mentioned, this is a public park and we don't want to spook the mundanes (too much).


This event is open to men over the age of 18. Youth over the age of 16 may attend with a parent or other adult guardian.

Work Shifts

All attendees are required to sign-up for a one-hour work shift throughout the weekend. Primary work shifts will involve helping to cook, cleaning up after meals, getting firewood, tending the fire and grill, and running errands.