This level is mainly reading, memorization, and exposure to Druid history, mythology, and concepts; including modern representations of the Old Gods and the Old Paths.  Because OSC and UAOD have limited books and writings, and because AODA is a similar Revivalist Druid tradition, a number of books by John Michael Greer have been included in our study programs. 

The following three degrees may be embarked upon by Initiates (0-1 year membership) and Apprentices (1-3 years’ membership) or higher.   After three years of membership in OSC, one automatically rises to Bard status and may pursue the Ovate level degrees.  In an ideal degree program, the degree level indicates the next level status you are aspiring to, not necessarily your current status in the organization (i.e. at the Apprentice level you are aspiring toward Bard level degrees.  At the Bard level, you are aspiring toward Ovate level degrees. At the Ovate level you are aspiring toward Druid level degrees.) We realize that some folks might start degree programs later in their membership or may take longer than a year to complete each level. 

1st Degree

Focus: The Tuatha De Dannan and Druid Basics.


2nd Degree

Focus: Taliesin, Ceridwen, and more Druidry.


3rd Degree

Focus: King Arthur, Merlin, and Revivalist Druidry.