Open Source Chapters and How to Start One

Our Open Source Chapter system acknowledges the open source and personally gnostic nature of modern paganism. It is an open source, open system of autonomous independent chapters. Each individual and/or chapter is free to work with the system in its own manner and free to associate or not with any other individual or chapter.

The best way to go about forming a chapter is to do the work and prepare a working zone which will result in a chapter. Contact other OSC participants and immerse in study, research and operations.

The Open Source Chapter system offers freedom to affiliate with similar groups. This model  promotes the formation of traditional and non-traditional chapters focusing on fraternal, druid, magickal, ceremonial, or related pagan philosophies, religions, and/or traditions.

Please direct all new chapter inquires and e-mail your proposed charter and constitution to ourThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Basic Chapter Guidelines