The Druid level degrees focus on taking the knowledge and skills learned from the previous degrees and applying those to teaching, mentoring, and community involvement.

The following three degrees may be embarked upon by Ovates (7-9 years membership) or higher.   After nine years of membership in OSC, one automatically rises to Druid status and there are currently no degrees beyond the 9th.  Druids may continue their personal studies, if they wish, and should also consider sharing their knowledge by taking leadership and teaching roles. 

7th Degree

Focus: A Self-directed project.


8th Degree 

Focus: A Self-directed project.


9th Degree 

Focus: A Self-directed project.

Self-Directed Project Guidelines

If this were college, this project would be similar to a master’s thesis. It will involve both self-directed research and the creation of something of benefit that can be shared with members of OSC or the Druid community as a whole. 

Your project should be broken into stages that span the course of the full year.  For example, you might break the project into quarterly goals such as Quarter 1: Develop the project goals and deadlines; Quarter 2: Research; Quarter 3: Make a draft or outline; and Quarter 4: Complete the project.  Alternatively, you could set monthly stages, or set some other timeline.

Some possible projects include:

 Possible topics include: